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65C02 Forth Assembler/Disassembler and Forth Decompiler

This version is a development influenced from several sources ...

This implemention was developed under

C64 FORTH/79 (1983, Greg Harris, Performance Micro Products)
"Conforms to FORTH-79 standard with double-number extensions." Nice commercial package, with plenty of C64-dependent niceties like graphics, disk access, screen editing included.
See also Forth Family Tree.


  1. asm65c02.4th Assembler for 65C02 Rockwell/WDC extended instruction set (2012)

    There are 2 CPU modes (6502 vs. 65C02) which influence the conditional and structural words how they finally produce code.
    WDC (Western Design Center, Inc.) special instructions are covered, too.

  2. asm65c02-test.4th Test suite (2012) The compiled test words just test the proper code generation or just provokes error conditions.
    Test T1C02 should break up while compiling after digit sequence "123" appears with "RANGE ERROR". This has to be fixed manually (insert FAR somewhere before or at the start of screen).
    Verify the code generated with the words DISA or DECP (see below).

  3. disa.4th Disassembler (with 65C02 support) (2012)

    Defines several disassembler words.

    DISA ( addr len -- )	start disassembling
    DI ( addr -- )		disassembles the next 26 bytes
    CONT ( -- )		continue to disassemble from the last DI or DISA call.

  4. decp.4th Decompiler (with code word support) (2012)

    Uses DISA (disassembler above) to show code words.

    DECP word

  5. asm6809.4th Assembler for 6809 (1985)

    Based on an article from c't Magazin 84/07 p. 65, 6809-Assembler in FORTH, Dr. Erich Küster



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